Vegetarian lasagnia

   Vegetarian lasagna
Ingredients for pepper sauce
3      tablespoon olive oil
1/2   big chopped onion
2      pieces chopped garlic
3      red peppers
4      tomato
        salt & pepper 

Method for sauce:
 Heat the oil up in a pot then add the chopped onion and garlic and fry for 10 minutes.
 Grill the pepper on a direct fire till the outside cover gets grilled then put it in a plastic bag so it will be easier to remove it’s outside cover later, seal the plastic bag, remove the outside cover of the pepper and cut it into 2 pieces and remove the seeds and the cover.
 Cut tomato into small pieces then add it to the onion and garlic and cook for 20 minutes.
 Puree the tomato in a food mill then add it to the red pepper and beat in a blender and add the salt and pepper. Ingredients for bashamil sauce
6      tablespoon butter
6      tablespoon flour
5      cup milk
1      teaspoon salt
        ground white pepper
1/4   teaspoon ground nutmeg
3      eggs

Method for Bashamil
 Heat the milk up but don’t leave till boiling then place a side.
 Melt the butter by heating it a little bit in a pot then add the flour and keep on mixing it till it will be completely mixed.
 Add milk and mix it well with the butter and flour on a medium fire then cook for 20 minutes and add salt, pepper, and nutmeg.
 When the bashamil is warm add the eggs after beating and mix well together.

Ingredients for the filling
1      kilo spinach
1/4   cup olive oil
1      chopped onion
3   large carrot
2   large zucchini
3   tablespoon barmazan cheese
2   cup ricotta cheese
1   cup mozzarella cheese
3    tablespoon chopped parsley
3    eggs
      Salt & pepper
16  slice dry lazania pasta

Method for Stuffing
 Cut the spinach leaves in small pieces after a well clean.
 Heat up in a pot one spoon of oil and fry the chopped onion on it for 15 minutes, add spinach and mix all the materials.
 Chops one cup of carrot and add it to the spinach, slice the rest of it in a long slices brush with a little oil and grill it on a grill.
 Cut the zucchini in long slices same size as carrot brush with oil and grill it on a grill.
 In a pot mix ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, barmazan cheese, and little ground parsley, beat the eggs and add to the cheese mixture.
 Mix 1/3 of the cheese mixture with spinach and mix it well together.

Method for Lazania
 Cook the lazania pasta slices in boiled water then cool it in under cool water and brush with a little oil from both sides.
 Put a little sauce in tray ((مستطيل الشكل with high edges till all the base is covered then put a lay of pasta slices.
 Cover the pasta lay with spinach mixture then put another lay of pasta.
 Put a lay of the cheese mixture till completely cover the pasta.
 Repeat that again and put another lay of pasta then a lay of zucchini and a lay of pasta and little of cheese and a lay of carrot and a last lay of pasta slices.
 Cover the last lay of pasta completely with the basahmil sauce, place in an oven of 350 F for 45 minutes till it turned into golden color.
 Leave to cool slightly then cut into pieces and when served put a little of the sauce on the plate and lazania piece on the top.